Addictive Online Games

There was a time when the video game players used to be on a look out for the latest releases to enjoy new games. Sometimes this meant waiting for months before the new episode or version of a game was released. However, with the online gaming industry flourishing today the gamers does not have to face this problem. In the current era, the online gaming industry is releasing games on regular basis for adults, seniors and children according to their needs and preferences. Those who like to work on their cognitive abilities can choose from the countless strategy games, while the others can enjoy simpler games as well. Also these gamers can enjoy playing and competing with the other players of the virtual world who are connected through the World Wide Web.

These games can now be downloaded not only to the personal computers of the gamers but also to their mobiles and other compatible gadgets. This is the reason almost all the games that are available online can be enjoyed on the smart gadgets as well. However, those who wish to keep the space on their hard drive free can choose to play these games through the World Wide Web. One game that is very simple to play but loved by a large number of players is the This game features entertaining physics based driving. The main character of the game is named “Newton Bill” who wishes to conquer the highest mountain on the moon.

The players who are playing this game can select their cars from a collection of multiple cars. However, the players have to ensure Bill’s safety and the fact that he does not run out of fuel. The players can make use of the different vehicles for this exploration which may include; tanks, jeep and bikes etc. Some of the parts of these vehicles can be upgraded during the game. These parts include the engine, tires 4WD and suspension etc. The best part about the interface is that it can be loaded with ease even if the connectivity is slow and appears attractive even on lower resolutions. Those players who are new and do not know much about the game can always visit the varying websites to join their chat platforms. Here the other players are always ready to help the newbies with the right strategies and tips that will help them conclude the levels successfully. Other than that the players also get to learn about the cheats and trips as well, which will help them gain access to unlimited coins, gas and vehicles.


Sony Xperia Z2 Deluxe Edition is Getting Launch in China

Sony Xperia Z2 released in MCW 2014 has caught the attention of all mobile enthusiast, it is not yet released in the market and they have a new surprise for us. They are releasing Delux edition of Xperia Z2 in China. Sony Xperia Z2 Deluxe Edition has the same specifications and features of the regular Xperia Z2, the only difference is that Deluxe Edition comes bundled with Sony accessories.

Xperia Z2 Deluxe Edition
Following are the four bundled Sony accessories for Sony Xperia Z2 Deluxe Edition:

  1. MDR-NC1 EM digital noise cancelling headset
  2. STM10 stereo microphone
  3. SCR10 style case stand
  4. DK36 magnetic charging dock

That’s cool accessories. In China, the Deluxe edition is price at $880 and the regular Xperia Z2 at $800. So $80 extra price for the cool accessories are worth it. The Deluxe Edition is getting launch on 27th March in China and regular Xperia Z2 will follow after few days.

Right now, Sony is launching Deluxe Edition of Xperia Z2 in China only. Hope they launch in other markets also. If you get a chance to grab both, which one will you buy – Regular Xperia Z2 or Deluxe Edition? Please share your thoughts through comment.


Xperia Z3 Release goes viral online

Japanese mobile phone giant, Sony Mobile announced Xperia Z2 at Mobile Congress World 2014 on 27th February, 2014. Xperia Z2 will be released in the market world-wide by March – April, 2014. People already knew Sony would be announcing Xperia Z2 at MCW 2014 but Sony had a surprise for all. They also made a statement that they are working on the successor of Xperia Z2 and would be releasing in the time frame of six months, so you could expect the new successor Xperia Z3 in the month of August 2014.

As soon as this statement was made, the Xperia Z3 release went viral online. Now this has created a lot of confusion among some Sony fans or those who wanted to grab the latest Xperia Z series smartphone. If you want to buy Sony Xperia Z2, you can as soon as it gets released in the market but beware that Xperia Z2 would short-live as best Sony smartphone as Xperia Z3 will overtake the same. If you have a decent phone, don’t rush, wait for the Xperia Z3.

Though Xperia Z3 has gone viral, as many websites are talking about it but none of them could give any hint of the possible specs, features of the upcoming Xperia Z3. Maybe it’s too early.  What do you say? Do you want to buy Xperia Z2 or wait for Xperia Z3?


Top 5 PS4 Games For 2014

PS4 is undoubtedly one of the most popular and sought-after gaming consoles at the moment, and an increasing number of high-quality video games for PlayStation 4 are released every month. One thing is for sure: this console surely redefines the gaming experience for many game enthusiasts. No matter if you want to take your friends or relatives by surprise this Christmas with an outstanding video game they can enjoy, or if you want to spoil yourself with a couple of games, here you will find the top 5 PS4 games for this Christmas:


1. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag 

Assassin’s Creed IV is was by far one of the most-awaited video games of 2013 until its release, on November 22, 2013 in Europe. This is a pirate-themed game that was released for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4, and it is developed by Ubisoft. The fact that was made available for the next-gen consoles certainly adds to the beauty of the game, not to mention that the game comes with bonus levels if you enjoy it on your PlayStation 4. Overall, this would surely be a great Christmas gift for any game enthusiast!

2. Bioshock Infinite

Developed by the Irrational Games company, BioShock Infinite is known as a first-person shooter video game that was released earlier this year. This is the third game of the well-known Bioshock series, and if you are fond of the previous two versions then you will surely like this one as well.

3. DiveKick

This is perhaps one of the most cost-effective games for PS4. In a nutshell, Divekick was developed by One True Game Studios and it is available on computers, PS3, PS4 as well as PS Vita. Released back in August this year, DiveKick is basically a parody fighting game that will surely keep you engaged and entertained. What truly makes this 2D competitive game so popular at the moment is that it relies on the concept of two-button fighter.

4. GTA V

As you may know already, GTA stands for Grand Theft Auto. Developed by Rockstar North, Grand Theft Auto V is an action-adventure video game released earlier in September this year, and it was the first notable release from this game series in the past 5 years. This was also one of the most awaited games of 2013, given the fact that the game is played from a 3rd person’s perspective and the gamer can enjoy an open world setting, meaning that the possibilities are endless and they can do pretty much everything during the gameplay.

The action of the game takes place in two fictional states in the United States of America, and the good news is that Grand Theft Auto V comes with an online multiplayer option that allows you to connect to up to 16 of your friends and relatives in this highly competitive and engaging gameplay – even so, you can still enjoy the game in the single-player version.

5. Injustice: Gods Among Us

Last, but not least, another highly sought-after PlayStation 4 game for this Christmas is the 2D game Injustice: Gods Amongst Us. This high-quality game is developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by the reputable Warner Brow Entertainment. Released back in April respectively June 2013, the game was re-released this autumn as a video game for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 as well as PS Vita. This is a fighting game that can be enjoyed in two different modes (the single player and the multiplayer versions) and it is based on the popular story of Batman and the Joker, the superhero and the villain.

Injustice: Gods Among Us is truly a masterpiece of the gaming industry, given the fact that it has a variety of deep control fighting schemes that the players can use, along with various evasive actions. Besides this, the game is packed with a lot of environmental interaction which surely adds to the gaming experience and will keep you engaged until the very end.

To conclude, these are some of the most popular games for PS4. If you are out of ideas for Christmas gifts, then you should know that you can never go wrong with a good video game, especially if the receiver is a passionate player. Besides, you might even get a nice discount on the games mentioned above, depending on where you purchase them from.