What Should You Know About Mobile Games?

Mobile games are constantly gaining popularity at the moment. We are faced with so many interesting opportunities that are available and the truth is that it is not at all difficult to find something that you would love. However, you cannot simply expect to be able to play any game you would find for mobile devices. Make sure that you consider the following in order to make a really good choice at the end of the day.

Mobile Operating System Counts

There are basically three main operating systems for mobile devices that we have access to at the moment. We can choose out of Windows, Android and iOS. Obviously, you want to be sure that the game you want to play is actually designed for the operating system that you have on a mobile device. Contrary to what many think, games are not designed for all operating systems. They can be designed for just one or a couple. In fact, many games cannot be played on Windows but are available for iOS and Android.

You Can Play Mobile Games Without Downloading Them

This is, most likely, the one thing that many are not aware of. As an example, take a look at these Monster Truck Games. If your mobile browser is advanced enough, you can play the games without having to download something on your device. This is great for people that do not have enough space or that have older smartphones.

Some Games Occupy A Lot Of Disk Space

Just as with computers, it is possible that you have to be extremely careful with how much space you have available on the device. There are actually some mobile games that occupy a few GBs so installing more than a couple may be impossible based on how much extra SD Ram memory you have installed. Do check space requirements since this is very important.

Graphic Compatibility Issues Can Exist

Before you download something, synchronize your device with iTunes or Google Play. This is important since you can check if your device is compatible with the game before you download it. At the same time, you may want to read some reviews for the really advanced games so that you can be sure that you can actually play it. We have to say that it is quite disturbing to download a game, install it and then see that you cannot play because it is incompatible.


Lives In Pet Rescue Saga

When you play Pet Rescue Saga, you normally do not think much about lives. That is especially the case in the beginning due to the fact that you would be faced with enough to just keep going as much as you want. You have to be patient and basically learn how to play the game better but that is only possible if you read as many tutorials as you can. If you love the game Pet Rescue, you need lives in order to keep going. The problem is that most people do not actually understand much about this. All that many know is that when they end up with zero lives, the game cannot be played anymore.

Ways In Which To Get More Lives

There are basically 2 ways in which you can get more lives inside the game. The first one is to just buy more lives in Pet Rescue Saga with the use of Facebook credits. That is definitely something that is considered by a lot of people. However, you should be aware of the fact that you can also wait for half an hour in order to get one more life. That is how much time is necessary in order to recharge lives in the game. At one point in time you can only have 5 lives. In the event that a level is quit, it will be equal to failing and a life will be lost.

Tips To Consider

There are different ways in which you will be able to get more lives in Pet Rescue Saga, methods that are not known by many. For instance, your friends can offer more lives in the game, which is definitely something that you will want to take into account. They will send you lives when you ask them. However, you can never have more than five at the same time. With this in mind, you will want to accept the lives only when you need them.

On the whole, you need to be really careful when you look at how you use lives in Pet Rescue Saga. It is really important that you choose carefully. In the event that you do not actually remain careful, it is a guarantee that mistakes will be done. Have patience and always play a Pet Rescue Saga game only when you will have the time to finish it. This allows you to not waste lives inside the game, no matter what device you play it on.



Things You Did Not Know Were Possible With A PS4

The PlayStation 4 is definitely highly popular at the moment. Although it was released a long time ago, there are still so many things that you may not know about the console. With this in mind, we thought it would be interesting to highlight some facts that most people are not aware of with the Sony PS4. We are sure you will love using the console even more after learning these things.

Charging Controllers In Standby Mode

Dualshock 4 is a really interesting controller but we have to acknowledge the fact that battery life is not at all that great. You have to wait around 7 hours in order to get a fully charged controller so you would not want to waste the time. Instead of having wire attached or leaving consoles open, you can go to the Settings page and then to the Power Save Settings. Set the functions to be available during Standby Mode, with a focus on Supply Power From USB Ports’. You can easily leave controllers connected and they will charge during Standby mode. You can charge your controller while you play these games, read books, work or do anything you want.

Playing Playstation 4 Games On A PS Vita

You can now play home console games on your Playstation Vita, which is one thing that was highly advertised when the console was received but many gamers never tried it. Any game that is inside your PS library can be played on the handheld console. Remote play is activated from the Settings menu. Add Device and enable the Vita so that the pairing takes place. Some of the games will not be that great due to minor incompatibilities but you will surely love playing some of the really popular ones, like Fifa.

Control Your Console Through Your Voice

There are similarities between Kinect and PS4 and many know about the facial recognition addition. However, not many know that you can use simple voice commands in order to control the PS4 console. Go to Settings then head over to System. Activate the voice control function and the best thing about it is that you will not need to use a cam to do this. Just use a microphone and attach it to the gaming console.

Using Dualshock 4 Gyro To Type

It is not at all entertaining to type with the use of your controller. It is quite slow when you use your analog stick. What you should know is that the sixaxis gyro can be used instead. That allows you to quickly select keys in a much shorter period of time. You will have to spend some time getting used with it but after you do, you will surely love the new typing experience on the Playstation 4.


Xbox One Vs PS4 – Which Console Should You Choose?

This question is incredibly complicated to answer, similarly to what is better between Apple and Windows. There are people that will instantly choose one over the other without caring too much about what is offered because of brand loyalty so, although we could mention many different things, the choice at the end of the day will be quite subjective.

Obviously, the main differences appear in how consoles look and how the controllers will feel. These two factors have a huge impact on the decision but there are also other things that have to be taken into account. There is no cross-platform multiplayer option so you will want to talk with your gaming buddies in order to see what they use. That will heavily move the decision towards one direction.

The Microsoft Xbox One supports DLNA and MP3 playback and Sony does not offer such a possibility, unless through USB and an app. Also, although you can browse the internet with both of them, based on the software version that you use, you may not be able to play Command Grid and similar things. Have patience and try the consoles first if you do want to do this.

Keep in mind that as times change, differences will appear between the consoles as modifications are done by both manufacturers in order to get more clients. You will want to see exactly what is offered by both at the time of the purchase in order to make the best possible choice.

For most people the decision between the two consoles will be based on the games that are available. The really big games can be played on both of them but some will not be compatible. If you enjoy various indie games, you will most likely move towards the PS4. At the same time, statistics show that many of the multi-platform video games work a little better on Sony’s device. The Xbox One has a much better interface though so you will be a little conflicted.

On the whole, we can definitely say that Sony’s PS4 stands out as being more attractive at the moment and that is why sales are growing as compared to the Xbox One. However, when Microsoft launched its console, it was the best one. This basically means that you can so easily end up with modifications in your choices as you decide to buy based on where the purchase is made. Have patience and always choose based on what is offered at the moment.