Frequently Asked Questions about PS4 Games

What is the average cost of PS4 games?

The cost varies, depending on the game and the publisher. For instance, there are games priced at $59.99 such as “Killzone: Shadow Fall” on the digital PS store download or Blu-Ray. On the other hand, other games will retail at a much lower price. PS4 also caters to free-to-play games that come with a free gameplay and paid content.

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Where are PS4 games available?

Retailers offer a number of Blu-Ray games, and you can also buy a game featured at the PS store. Another option is by downloading the game to your console’s internal hard drive. Sony Entertainment Network is another excellent online source where you can purchase your choice of games. All you need is to check out the title you want and set your console in standby mode to facilitate the download process.


Is it possible to buy a digital game released on the same date as their Blu-Ray counterpart?

The publishers determine the availability of digital games, although you can expect most PS4 games to be ready for purchase on the same day as the Blu-Ray versions’ release date through the PlayStation store.


Can I pre-order some launch titles of PS4 games even before the launching of the PS4?

Definitely. If you are a PS3 user, you may pre-order your choice of PS4 launch titles in digital version such as Warframe and Knack, which also come with bonus content.


Will I be able to use my PS4 system to play any of my existing PS3 games?

No, you may not be able to do so since PS4 does not come with backward compatibility features for PS3 games.


I purchased some content on PS Vita system. Is it possible to transfer them to the PS4 system?

A selection of digital titles including the Escape Plan, Sound Shapes, flOw and Flower are available for purchase after the PS4 launch. If you have purchased these for your PS Vita, you may be able to download these titles with their PS4 versions. There are also improvements in the features and graphics in the said version, for your enhanced gaming experience (without extra charge).



How can I upgrade some of my PS3 games, so they can work perfectly on the PS4 system?

This is a limited offer that costs $9.99, and it gives you a chance to upgrade your purchase of 3 supported titles to the full PS4 version such as Battlefield, Assassin’s Creed IV- Black Flag, and Call of Duty: Ghosts.


Will it be possible for PS3 and PS4 users to play online (cross-platform) with their friends?

Technically, this option is possible, as long as developers decide to support this feature for their games.


Are used games supported by the PS4 system?

As with how the PS3 system works, PS4 users are not limited to disc-based used titles. You have a chance to use the copy of a PS4 disc game for trading in, selling, lending to others, or keeping it as a part of your collection. Users may also play these games on the PS4 without having to pay usage fees or undergo lengthy activation processes.


Is there an online pass in PS4 titles?

Titles that are considered first-party titles will not need an online pass. However, Play Station will not strictly impose the use of online pass program for third-party titles, although most of them have already stopped implementing the online pass system.Thus, these titles may not appear on the PS4.


Are PS4 users allowed to borrow and lend games?

Borrowing and lending game titles are possible without any restrictions.


How about trading and selling games? Is that possible, too?

Yes, you may freely trade or sell any disc-based games as you please.

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Must I connect to the internet all the time whenever I play games on my PS4 system?

Playing games is possible even without internet connection. However, if you wish to play games that come with the online multi-player feature, you will be required to have an internet connection and secure your PS Plus membership. Furthermore, online connection is also necessary for the one-time activation in playing DVD or Blu-Ray movies, as well as software updates. If you want to check out the latest features of PS4 such as live gameplay streaming and entertainment services, you may need to go online.


Before I get to play disc-based games on the PS4, will there be any kind of authentication required?

You may freely play disc-based games anytime you prefer without the need for authentication.


Are there regional locks for PS4 games?

Disc-based and digital games are not region locked, although PlayStation suggests that users buy games at the region where they currently reside, so they can receive optimal services and benefits.

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